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What is Facial Cupping?

Cupping is a beauty and cosmetic procedure that has increasingly become popular in the recent years. Among the available cupping varieties, facial cupping has remained the trendiest. But what is facial cupping? This is an excellent form of non-invasive procedure that works towards minimizing the adverse effect of the aging, sun and other environmental damages.

What You Need to Know About Facial Cupping

Like other treatments such as dermaplaning, cupping does not make use of chemicals and surgeries, making it one of the safest facial treatments out there.

How it Works

This is one of the easiest facial procedures to perform in the beauty and cosmetics industry. It works by utilising reverse suction to gently lift the facial tissue to stimulate the circulation of the blood and proper functioning of the lymph nodes. At Paulina de los Reyes, the facial cupping treatment is done by the use of customized cups that are specifically designed for the face, upper chest, and neck. As a result, the facial tissue is able to receive the much-needed oxygen and nutrients it very often lacks. The waste from the cells and other harmful toxins are easily eliminated for healthy skin. The treatment also helps to drain excess fluid in the skin for those with oily skin.

The Procedure

Facial cupping is very short procedure compared to most of the facial treatments, like microdermabrasion and peel facials. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the entire treatment. It starts with cleaning the skin thoroughly and applying therapeutic oils such as jojoba, essential seed oils, and coconuts. A light massage is then given to the facial tissue to make it supple in the preparation of the treatment. The therapist may opt for the site cupping or gliding cupping.

Beauty Benefits of Facial Cupping

There are a number of beauty and health benefits of cupping on face. First, the drainage of the excess fluid in the lymph reduces oedema and puffy appearance. Secondly, the procedure also leads to a young glow to the skin due to proper nutrition brought about by the blood circulation in the skin tissue. Thirdly, the lifting motion helps in reducing the scarring, lines, acne, smile and laugh lines, and wrinkles. Last but not the least, it relaxes facial muscles for softer and younger appearance.

Best Facial Cupping Set

Among all the available choices of facial cupping setting, LURE facial cupping set is the most favoured with therapists. The set comes with three small suction cups which are smaller and narrower and specially designed for the purpose. This choice provides for total control over the uplifting power of the cup for maximum suction.

Precautions to Take Before and After Cupping

If you’re planning for this procedure, it’s recommended you avoid using makeup and any other application. Drinking a lot of water is recommended so as to improve the hydration of the skin and also to enhance the removal of the toxins. Green tea is also recommended after the procedure to enhance skin health. Avoid fried, fatty and heavy meals. Exercises will help you realize the benefits of facial cupping quickly.



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