Having too much body hair and have no idea how to remove it? Have you been frustrated by the previous hair removal methods? Maybe you have already explored the best and latest hair removal methods in Melbourne’s beauty industry.

For starters, it can be a little bit tricky to get the right hair removal methodology. That’s why it is recommended that you only deal with professional and experienced aestheticians in Melbourne such as Paulina de Los Reyes, to help you select the right method for your skin. However, the most important thing is choosing a hair removal method that is kind to your skin. What’s the point of removing hair but leaving the skin damaged in the process!

What Are The Best Methods Of Hair Removal?

The beauty industry has plenty of options at your disposal depending on the hair you want to remove. They include shaving for the beard, tweezing of the eyebrows amongst others. But if you’re going to remove hair on your legs, arms, the back, and other parts, then you need a more effective hair removal methods. Sugaring, waxing and SHR IPL hair removal are the popular methodologies used by most professional hair removal salons in Melbourne. Therefore, we are going to look at each of these methods and why you should choose one over the other two.

1. SHR IPL Hair Removal Treatments

SHR IPL or Super Hair Removal Technology is the latest trend to remove body hair. As of now, there are some salons in Melbourne like Paulina de Los Reyes offering the latest SHR IPL hair removal techniques. SHR IPL has grown in popularity because of four factors. First, it is one of the most highly effective methods in the industry today. Second, it is one of the safest and painless hair removal methods. Third, it is the fastest and fourth it is side-effect free. The combination of these factors is what makes it one of the best permanent hair removal methods.

SHR IPL is a combination of two technologies- SHR and IPL. It is a revolutionary technology that has been found to reduce hair growth by more than 95%. The device is designed to focus 50% of the energy to hair melanin while the other 50% targets stem cell responding the hair production. That’s how you achieve almost permanent hair removal. The method uses low energy; hence the amount of heat produced is very little, and that’s why it is a pain-free procedure. Try SHR IPL method and have your hair growth reduced by about 95% percent.

2. Sugaring

Sugaring is a hair removal method treatment that is considered as the most natural alternative to laser SHR IPL and waxing. It is an ancient technique that has remained relevant due to its numerous benefits over most of the available alternatives. The method paste or gel made from sugar, lemon juice, water, and sometimes honey, salt, and other essential oils. Due to its natural approach, the method works for almost all skin types in the market.

Sugaring works in a very practical way to remove hair. The gel works by filling the hair cuticle, lubricates it and then extracts it from the roots. The technique removes hair while still attached to the blood supply hence promoting permanent hair reduction. That’s why it is the best permanent hair removal method for men and women. However, your hair must be at least a quarter an inch long for the gel to bind. The method is also quick if you have someone experienced doing it. It is also easy to clean up any residue left with plain water making it easier to use than wax.

3. Waxing

Waxing is another popular hair removal method due to a number of factors. First, it is one of the most cost-effective methods that you can pick any day. It is also readily available in almost every salon that offers hair removal services. The procedure is also highly effective as it reduces hair over time by weakening its follicle and the root. Do you know that waxing completely removes hair from the root, and that it would take about four weeks for the hair to rejuvenate? That’s why it is one of the best permanent hair removing methods.

One other thing that makes waxing popular is reduced skin damage. There are no negative effects such as pigmentation or cuts with waxing. That’s why it is also used for facial hair removal for women, especially eyebrow grooming. The new hair after removal is soft and fine. You also benefit from skin rejuvenation after waxing. However, the wax material must be 100% natural to enjoy these benefits. But in the process, it can peel the skin especially if the quality of wax is poor or done by an inexperienced person. Wax is also painful and could result in redness and irritation.

Does It Hurt?

does-it-hurt-reaction-300×200 The answer is yes and no. Whether removing hair hurts or not depends on the methodology you are using. As discussed above, some of the new technologies such as SHR IPL are pain-free. Therefore, if you are in search of a hair removal treatment that is painless, then SHR IPL would be the perfect methodology for you. The other comes with a varying degree of pain. If you go for waxing, it is the most painful compared to sugaring. Other methods such as threading are extremely painful since they pluck hair strands straight from the roots. Therefore, the choice of hair removal method that you select determines the degree of pain.

Pre-Hair Removal Care Tips

You must prepare your skin for it to withstand the hair removal procedure. Here are key things you need to do before the appointment:

  • Make sure that the skin is not irritated, infected or inflamed
  • Avoid direct sunlight to keep the skin hydrated
  • The skin should be free from cosmetics and creams at least 12 hours before the appointment
  • Do not bleach the hair you want to remove
  • Avoid applying deodorants or any potential irritants
  • Drink lots of water

Post-Hair Removal Treatment Care

Hair removal destroys the skin by exfoliation, and that is why the first thing after the procedure should be about healing the skin. These are tips that will help you get the results you were looking for:

  • Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight
  • Wear loose cotton cloth immediately after treatment
  • Exfoliate treated area gently to reduce risks of ingrown hairs
  • Avoid seat warmers for a while after the treatment
  • Avoid physical exercises for a couple of days
  • Drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated
  • Use sunscreen on the treated area
  • lady-after-hair-removal-procedure-207x300Exfoliation should start after one week

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of removing hair in Melbourne and suburbs like Altona, Williamstown North, Newport varies depending on factors such as the quality of salon and skills of the beautician. Quality of salon varies based on location and equipment. However, a spot check at Melbourne’s top salons revealed that the cost varies by a small margin.

Where can I get it done in Melbourne?

Waxing-done-in-melbourne if you want to get your body hair removed in Melbourne, including its environs like Altona, Williamstown North, Newport, and Melbourne CBD, you have a range of top-class salons to select from. But if you are looking for quality service and professionalism, Paulina de Los Reyes is one of the places to be.

PDLR has some of the highly experienced beauticians you can find in Port Phillip Bay Area, Altona and its environs. The salon also boasts of having the best quality equipment hence their unrivalled quality of service in Melbourne. Book an appointment for waxing and sugaring service and get a feel of top-class hair removal service.



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