Sugaring: What It Is and How It Works

Sugaring is a method of removing unwanted hair in the body. This method has been in use for hundreds of years around the world. The effects of sugaring are usually compared with that of waxing to gauge which of the two is the most effective. There are many people who seek to offer the services of sugaring in different parts of the world and it has become increasingly popular over time. Sugaring is normally done using sugar, lemon and water. Removal of this hair happens without the skin having to be pulled on. This is one of the main differences between waxing and sugaring.


The process of sugaring can be done at home owing to the non-toxic nature of the paste used. The ingredients are all edible and therefore the only concern would be to ensure that the person who does the waxing does a good job. The non-toxic nature of the ingredient also ensures that the person receiving the service does not have to worry about getting infected afterwards.

The Sugaring Paste


The first step in the process of sugaring is to acquire the sugaring paste. This paste can be purchased but it can also be made at home or at the establishment where the service is being offered. The ingredients for two cups of paste include two cups of sugar (sugar of any kind can be used), ¼ cup of lemon juice (the juice may be freshly squeezed or packaged). 1/8 cup of water and guar gum. The only utensil required for this task is an appropriately sized non-stick saucepan. The purpose of guar gum is to ensure durability of the paste. It is only necessary when it is expected that the paste will not be used up immediately.


The sugar, the lemon juice and the water should be put in the non-stick saucepan and placed on a stove. The heat on the stove should be turned up as the person preparing the paste stirs the mixture until the sugar dissolves. A thermometer should be attached to the side of pan. When the temperature of the paste reaches 2400 Fahrenheit, it should be removed from the stove.

The guar gum, if needed should then be added to the mix. Once it has been prepared, it should then be stored in containers as appropriate. The color of the paste varies depending on certain factors. These determinants include the duration of the heating and the type of sugar used to make the paste.

The Sugaring Process

The mildness of the paste means that sugaring can be done on all parts of the body including the most sensitive parts such as under arms, the face, bikini line or any other part of the body as may be the case. There is need for a person to take a bath before sugaring. Bathing opens pores on the skin and makes the whole process less painful. An amount of time enough to reduce the moisture on the skin after showering should be allowed. This is because excessive moisture would make it difficult for the paste to stick on the skin being sugared.

If the skin is not completely dry on the places where sugaring is to be done, baby powder may be applied to ensure that the paste sticks to the skin. After the dryness of the skin has been ascertained, the paste may then be scooped using the end of the fingers and then applied on the skin with open palm. The application should be done in the direction in which the hair grows. When the hair is long, the process can be painful, thus sugaring works best when the hair is short. The need for short hair means that it may be necessary for the hair to be short may make it necessary for the hair to be cut in the preparatory stages.

Once the paste has been applied, it should be allowed to be some time to settle in the pores. This is to ensure that the paste gets a grip on the hairs. Other application may be made after the previously applied paste has settled into the pores. Rubbing is necessary during application as it reduces pain.

How sugaring works

instruction of sugaring epilation. how it works. sugar paste

The sugaring paste fills the hair follicle; this creates a lubrication on the hair and the pore making the hair easy to pull from its roots. For sugaring to work effectively the hair should not be more than 15mm at this time the hairs are still attached to the blood supply and their removal is both easier and more effective. The hair, once removed at this stage is unlikely to grow again. When sugaring is done regularly, it vastly reduces the number of times necessary for hair removal to be done.


  1. Sugaring is non-toxic, even the people who are allergic to wax usually have no problem with sugaring.
  2. The ingredients are readily available and the paste can be made at home.
  3. It removes hair by the roots reducing the possibility of it growing again. After sugaring, has been done several times, the hair follicles start to deplete making it less and less necessary for hair removal to be done.
  4. It is not as painful as waxing.
  5. When compared to waxing, sugaring is better since it doesn’t require to be heated and thus it presents no risk of burning, scarring or swelling.
  6. The paste is easy to clean with water. This is as opposed to wax which contains resin and has to be cleaned using chemical solvents.
  7. It removes dead skin cells. This leads to exfoliation.
  8. Sugaring controls cross contamination since bacteria is incapable of breeding inside the sugar.

The only disadvantage is that the process is not as effective when the hair is long. When the amount of hair has not been managed, a person requires to sugar many times. This may be inconveniencing to them owing to the time required to complete the process.

Who needs it and why?

Sugaring is needed by anybody who wants a permanent removal of hair without using laser technology. Such people include pregnant women. The reason for this is because sugaring would have no adverse effects on them. Women who have facial hair may want to use sugaring owing to the relative permanence of its effects. Other hair removal treatments are also more painful.


Sugaring is an ancient art from the Middle East that has now been widely accepted all over the world. its numerous advantages have made it an important part of the process for anyone who wants to maintain looks. It has now taken its pride of place among the most sought after grooming techniques. Drop in and visit at the Williamstown day spa to find out more and book an appointment for hair removal service.



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