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Experience the luxurious feeling of a silky-smooth spray tan in Melbourne with the exotic Moroccan Tan collection that we offer here at Paulina de los Reyes. Moroccan Tan professional tanning solutions nourish and hydrate the skin with certified, organic Argan oil and rosehip oil sourced from Southwest Morocco. Enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E, our luscious, quick-drying, spray tan formula provides lasting, natural looking bronzed tones for all skin types – the best fake tans whenever you need or want one. Moroccan Tan is a beautiful green base preventing your skin from going orange leaving your skin golden and beautiful. Please ensure to come with comfortable and baggy clothing to your appointment as well as without any deodorant, moisturisers, or lotions. We highly recommend having a shower prior to your appointment.

Summertime is approaching! Time to get ready to show off your hot bod with a glorious golden spray tan! If it’s your first time looking for a salon, or if you’re not sure if spray tanning is the right move for you, this article will answer all of your tanning questions. Check out these tips and tricks in our complete guide.

What is a spray tan?

Spray tanning (or sunless tanning) is a self-tanning method that uses dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to achieve an instant glowing tan on the body. DHA is transferred to the skin through a light misty spray. When the spray makes contact, it is activated by your skin’s natural oils and achieves a tan or bronze glow.

The spray tanning mist can be administered with multiple devices. Special beauty and spray tan salons apply spray tans in booths that are equipped with multiple nozzles and spray jets. It can also be done with an airbrush or air-gun device. There are also self-tanning spray tans that can be purchased and used from a bottle.

Spray tanning salons offer a luxurious experience with specialty products that promote moisture and natural healthy skin.

The procedure has been found to be completely safe on the skin. Many people prefer spray tanning because it is an easy process that if done well, achieves great results. Here are a few tips for your first spray tan experience:

Arrive at your appointment prepared

For the best results, please have a shower and remove any makeup prior to your appointment. Coming prepared is always better to achieve the best results. We will offer you a G-String and sticky feet soles to cover your feet. You’ll need to be completely bare to achieve your ideal tan.

Get comfortable

You’ll want the spray tan to evenly cover your entire body. However, a G-string is provided at all times to protect your modesty. However, if you prefer to wear your own undies or none, is totally ok. If wearing your birth suit is your preferred choice you must be 18 years old.

Figure out how tan you want to get

Flip through magazines and find someone with your ideal tan. Maybe you have a picture of yourself after a tropical vacation. Figure out what level of tan you would like to achieve before the visit, that way you can show your tan specialist when you arrive at the salon.

Dress the part

You don’t want to ruin your favorite top. Wear loose clothes and dark colours to your appointment, it’ll help preserve your tan and your outfit.

Make a day of it

If this is your first time spray tanning, you may not want to make too many other plans for the day. You will need to give your tan time to set in. You may be shocked by the initial colour of your tan, but after a shower and some setting time, you’ll see your colour toning down an evening out.

Natural Beauty Like Never Before

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There are many benefits to spray tanning. Besides being a fairly easy process, it can have beautiful results and hardly any side effects. Spray tanning in clinic works much better than counter fake tans or alternative self-tanning products. Is much less messy, your tan will be certainly applied evenly, plus our Moroccan Tan formula leaves the skin silky and last for at least 10 days. Here is a list of some of the benefits of spray tanning.

Customise Your Complexion

When you go in for your spray tan appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to tell your beautician exactly how tanned you want to be. You can achieve a light glow or go bold with a more intense bronze color. Have it your way when you get a spray tan!

Spray Tanning Is Super Easy

The process may seem a little strange at first, but once you get used to it you will see that spray tanning is actually super easy. You go into the spray tanning salon, the beautician preps you, sprays you, blends it in, and you’re good to go!

Less Messy

Lotions, gels, and at home fake tanning kits tend to get really messy. You may find your clothes splattered with tanning gel, and your comforter and bed sheets completely ruined by a sloppy tanning lotion. Spray tanning is typically much less messy than other products. Once you shower after your session, your skin should be smooth with no rub off.

Achieve The Ideal Evenness

Many spray tan lovers rave about how even a spray tan will leave your skin. Cover dark spots and achieve the ideal smooth glow.

How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

Typically, your tan should last up to ten days. Depending on the quality of the tanning salon and your own maintenance, it may last even longer.

Its longevity also depends on what shade of tan you decided on. Lighter shades of tan tend to last up to five days, while medium to darker tones typically last eight to ten days depending on maintenance.

If you want your tan to last as long as possible, you’ll benefit from taking these steps and precautions. Preservation starts, and is most important, right after your tanning session. Your actions in the hours after your tanning session will ultimately affect the longevity of your tan. Here are a few tips to help it last longer.

Wear the paper underwear provided by the salon

Many salons will provide you with paper underwear to wear on the way out and for the rest of the day. Going commando is also suggested if you are comfortable with it. Cloth underwear can cause visible panty lines and ultimately ruin the evenness of your tan.

Wear the paper underwear provided by the salon

Many salons will provide you with paper underwear to wear on the way out and for the rest of the day. Going commando is also suggested if you are comfortable with it. Cloth underwear can cause visible panty lines and ultimately ruin the evenness of your tan.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes For The Day

Tight clothes, like cloth underwear, can cause streaks in your tan. Pick your favorite flowy dress or loose trousers. Loose clothing will give your tan breathing space to dry and set in properly.

Try Using Baby Powder

Deodorant and heavy foundations are a no-no after your tan. The chemicals in your deodorant may have an odd reaction and cause blotchiness. Stay fresh after your tan with baby powder. It’s a great alternative to deodorant and it will keep you super fresh while maintaining your beautiful tan.

Hold Off On That Shower

Your spray tan needs to settle in. With Moroccan Tan, depending on the shade you would like to achieve, it’s mandatory to wait at least 1 hour before hopping into the shower after a spray tan. Your skin needs time to absorb the spray tan product and interact with it. Showering too soon can mess up your tan shade and cause streaking and blotchiness. Don’t wait more than 12 hours to shower, leaving your tan on for too long can also cause streaking and mess up your perfect shade.

Be Careful When You Shower

Your first shower after tanning should be one taken with caution. You still want to preserve your tan so don’t spend too much time in the water. Take a quick but thorough shower. Shower with warm water. Showering with hot water could be bad for your tan. Stay away from scrubs or harsh soaps. Allow the water to run over your skin like a light rinse. Be careful as you wash your hair, tanning products do not mix well with shampoo.

Stay Away From Fragrances And Oils

Oil-based products do not mix well with DHA in spray tans. They stop your skin from properly absorbing the tan and they can become problematic when retaining the tan in your skin.

How much does a spray tan cost?

The cost of a spray tan may vary depending on the salon. There are many options in the Melbourne area, but a luxury salon like Paulina De Los Reyes will have affordable prices and excellent service.

Your tanning price will depend on your preferences. If you are looking for a full body spray tan your cost will be $47. A half body tan ranges between $37. Purchase packages of 5 sessions and receive 1 session free for the best value and lowest cost per session.

Are spray tan products all-natural?

Choose your spray tan salon wisely. Some salons pride themselves on using natural products that leave your skin glowing and healthy. The Melbourne, Williamstown area is blessed to have the Paulina De Los Reyes Salon, they specialise in a Moroccan Tan Clinic formula that nourishes and hydrates the skin.

MoroccanTan collection is made with organic argan oil and rose oil from Morocco. Choose a spray tan salon that prides itself on using products with antioxidants and vitamins for your skin. Natural spray tan products will help assure that you’ll be left with a beautiful natural glow.

Where can I get a spray tan in Melbourne?

There are many choices for spray tanning salons in the Melbourne area, but the Paulina de los Reyes salon has customers from Newport, Altona, Williamstown North, and surrounding areas because of its history of excellent customer service, affordable prices, and exceptional results.

Paulina de los Reyes salon brings you an easy, convenient way to get a high-quality spray tan. Experience a luxurious spray tan with our exotic MoroccanTan collection.