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How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

Let’s see how long does a spray tan last!

The ideal approach to achieve that healthy glow while avoiding dangerous UV rays is with a spray tan. A spray tan can rapidly become your best friend whether you want to get a head start on your summer tan, achieve a radiant complexion in preparation for an important event, or keep your tan all year long.

How long a spray tan last is the topic, we’ll address in this blog. We’ll also provide some quick, easy techniques for preparing for your tanning spray and keeping it up.

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How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

First of always choose the best spray tan salon to get best spray tanning services. This can make your spray tan longer. Up to 10 days for a spray tan is possible, but it also depends on your skin type.

On lighter skin tones, a tanning spray may last for about five days, on medium skin tones, 7-8 days; and on darker skin tones, up to 10 days. To be on the safe side, your spray tan will last 5-7 days, depending on how well you take care of it.

How To Make Your Tanning Spray Last Longer?

Tips to make your spray tanning last longer:

Use a Soft Exfoliator

Even a professional tanning spray won’t prevent the pigment from eventually fading. By lightly exfoliating your skin every few days with a fine body scrub or body polish, you can help it fade evenly and prevent uneven spots. If your scrub’s exfoliating particles are excessively large or rough, you risk irritating your skin and removing more color.

We suggest Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish, which nourishes with shea butter, jojoba butter, and sweet almond oil while gently buffing away dead skin.

Wear Loose Clothing

After a spray tan, the tan solution still settles on your skin while it is still wet. Any contact with tight clothing can cause the tan to transfer or rub off, resulting in streaks or uneven patches.

Loose clothing lets the spray tan adhere to your skin unhindered and fully develop. Choose loose dresses, skirts, shorts, or comfortable apparel that won’t restrict movement. Avoid wearing bras or undergarments that can irritate your skin and anything that is overly tight or fitting.

Stay Out Of The High Humidity And Sweat

Avoiding sweat and humidity is one of the most crucial things to remember when getting a spray tan. Sweat and humidity can obstruct the tanning spray application process and impede a proper cure. Excessive sweat and moisture can hasten a spray tan’s fading, leaving you with uneven tan or patchy spots.

Avoid sweating or being in humid environments for at least 6 to 8 hours after receiving a tanning spray to ensure it lasts as long as possible and looks its best. This will ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible and looks fantastic.

Avoid Using A Hot Shower

While a hot shower may feel soothing, the steam will open all your pores and cause your tanning spray to develop unevenly. As a result, you will have brown spots all over your body for approximately a week, which is definitely not the appearance you were going for!

If you must shower before applying your tanning spray, we advise concluding the shower with an ice-cold rinse for however long you can tolerate sealing and tighten your pores. Run an ice cube over your skin to seal and tighten pores if you can’t withstand a cold shower.

Retouch as Necessary

The occasional top-off is yet another excellent suggestion for extending a spray tan. To maintain your tan looking new, alternate applying a regular moisturizer and a tan extender every other day.

Various goods are available on the market to assist with this, including sprays, foams, and gels. For optimal results, pick a moisturizer that also contains DHA. The most realistic effects can be achieved by applying professional sunless tanning, which we always advise.

5 Fake Spray Tan Mistakes To Avoid

Improper Exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin completely to remove dead skin cells before applying a fake spray tan. Your tan will remain longer, and the tanning solution will be more evenly absorbed if you do this.

Ignoring The Need To Protect Your Nails And Hair

If you don’t shield your hair and nails before applying fake tanning spray, it’s simple to have stains on them. Apply petroleum jelly to your hairline and nails to prevent this by forming a barrier between them and the tanning solution.

Applying Makeup Or Moisturizer Before Your Spray Tan

Any skincare items on your body could act as a barrier, preventing the spray tan from soaking correctly. Before getting a spray tan, avoid applying lotions, moisturizers, or makeup to your skin.

Not Arriving At Your Appointment In Relaxed Clothing

Tight clothing may press against your skin, causing some areas of the tanning spray to fade. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your spray tan session to ensure that the color sets evenly.

Refusing To Let It Dry

It’s crucial to wait until your spray tan has completely dried before changing or showering. If not, the color may fade or become streaky. Ask your technician to find out how long to wait before taking a shower or getting dressed.

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Is my tan destroyed because it changed when I sat down?

In no way, Smudging, smearing, or creases on your skin completely acceptable while your tan develops (this could take 8–10 hours). You’ll have to sit down and walk around throughout this period, so it’s pretty difficult to avoid that. But do not fret. Those marks will vanish after your first shower (again, 8 to 10 hours after your appointment), and everything will be perfect.

How should I dress for a spray tan?

You should dress in something black, loose-fitting, and nail paint. Avoid using anything on your skin that can act as a barrier to absorption, such as perfume, deodorant, or makeup. Moreover, you should avoid donning tight-fitting attire because it may rub off your tanning spray and produce uneven results (such as boots, socks, or tights).

Are spray tans cost-effective?

You might wonder why you should spend money on a spray-on tan when you can get vitamin D for free by going outside. Spray tans will cost you more money, but they won’t cost you as much in possible sun damage, such as early aging, black patches, sun spots, and even skin cancer.

After a spray tan, can I take a shower?

Before taking your first shower after tan, we advise waiting at most 4 to 8 hours but no longer than 24. You may notice some golden glow washing down the drain when you shower after having a tanning spray, but don’t be alarmed!

Bottom Line

If you are careful and take good care of your skin, a dark spray tan can last up to 10 days. Utilizing a self-tanner is another way to prolong the life of your tan. Although the effect won’t be very strong, it can extend the life of your artificial shade by a few days.

To maintain the intended appearance, touch-up sessions may be required as the intensity of the tan may gradually lessen over time. However, a week is typically the most realistic time frame for a spray tan because it may require repeating the process to keep it looking good longer.

We hope you may like our blog on how long does a spray tan last, if you have any query ask away in the comment section!



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