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Dermapen Skin Needling in Laverton North

Paulina’s Dermapen Skin Needling in Laverton North uses the most advanced microneedling pen that is tested and proven to help with faster and more efficient skin rejuvenation. This leading-edge technology can help repair fine lines and wrinkles, firm up ageing skin, minimise pores and acne, reduce redness, and refine uneven skin tone. Dermapen 4 Skin Needling sets a new standard and benchmark that delivers the ultimate in advanced and innovative microneedling with unsurpassed confidence, service, and outstanding patient results.Today, Dermapen treatment remains the most widely used microneedling system worldwide with over 1.6 Million clinical procedures performed and supported by at-home maintenance protocol.

Using Dermapen 4 for microneedling, our fully qualified and vastly experienced clinicians will create superfine microchannels to stimulate the increased production of elastin and collagen naturally. Elastin is a highly elastic protein found within the layer of connective tissue underneath your skin. This protein helps your skin regain its shape after stretching or contracting. Collagen is a structural protein also found within your connective tissue layer that gives your skin its strength and firmness and helps repair damaged tissues. By producing more elastin and collagen naturally, you can do away with fine lines and wrinkles, gain smaller pores, control acne, eliminate redness, and have a more even skin tone.

Achieve a healthier, stronger, and more radiant skin with Dermapen 4 Skin Needling performed by our experts here at Paulina de los Reyes.

Anti Aging

Dermapen treatments designed to create a safe healing response within the body to ignite natural collagen and elastin production from within the skin, without harsh side effects and downtime, along with repairing the surface layers to result in healthier skin; looking brighter, tighter, more even toned, refined pores and reduced wrinkles. Your face, lip area, eye area, ears, neck, chest, hands and scalp are all treated with pinpoint precision to promote rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours.

What’s more, the microchannels allow your skin to carry up to 80% more active ingredients, which dive deep into your skin to feed and be absorbed by the underlying cells. You’ll see results in just one session.

Anti Ageing


Dermapen 4 is the only micro needling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of deep, atrophic scars; including surgical, burn contracture, striae and post-acne scars. Needle penetration can now be increased up to 3.0mm. AOVN technology automatically calibrates the motor speed, pressure and penetration for targeted precision. No dragging. No pulling of the skin. A popular Dermapen Scar Treatment is for the treatment of Stretch Marks, both old and new. Both practitioners and patients have found Dermapen treatments to be more effective for stretch marks than any laser treatments. Dermapen Scarring Treatments may includeatrophic scars including surgical, burn contracture, stretch marks/striae, and post-acne scars.

Skin Needling for Pigmentation

Unlike some Laser treatments, Dermapen removes the risk of heat injury and hypopigmentation risks, whilst promoting optimised cell function. This makes it a suitable procedure for any patient affected by melasma and with a predisposition to hyperpigmentation.

Treatment is also suitable for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types and ethnicities. Dermapen treatments have also been found to be effective on Hypopigmentation Vitiligo treatments. Clinically Dermapen treatments work in four ways to reverse the production of hyperpigmentation and melasma.



One of the most common unwanted skin conditions in the world is acne. Excess oil gets trapped in your pores and becomes prone to other foreign pathogens and bacteria. Microneedling makes your skin tighter, closing many of the pores, and making less space for bacteria to grow. Combining clinical Dermapen treatments with an at-home routine of targeted skincare products  will help you achieve the clear, glowing complexion you deserve.

Dermapen treatments can be effective for a multitude of conditions including:

Rosacea, telangiectasia, seborrheic dermatitis, aesthetic gynaecology, alopecia, and much more. Our treatment plans have been designed to give you different options to accommodate your skin needs, your time and your budget as well as to offer the maximum results. Our treatment plans can be customised from pay as you go to up to 8 months’ worth of treatments. Once again the choice will all depend on what you want to achieve, your skin needs, the time available you attend to your appointments, your budget and your commitment. To book a Dermapen treatment, we highly recommend you organisea skin consultation with one of our therapists.

  • Dermapen 4 Consultation / 60 minutes $99

    If you have been looking for a non-invasive and effective way to rejuvenate the skin, Dermapen 4 microneedling might be right for you. Arrange a consultation at our clinic today to find out if you’re a suitable candidate for Dermapen 4 treatment. 100% redeemable towards any treatments or skincare products valid on the day of your appointment. Redeemable towards skincare or treatments on the day.

  • Dermapen Gold Package (All Included) Save $1,289 P.O.R
  • 6 x Dermapen Facial Treatments, valued at $335 each
  • 12 x LED sessions, valued at $70 ea
  • 6 x MG Serum Pro Serum $99 ea
  • 6 x Uber Pro Peel, valued at $49 ea
  • 6 x Mini Peel sessions, valued at $125
  • $300 Credit towards DP Dermaceuticals
  • 10% off in additional skincare during your program
  • Dermapen Silver Package. Save $815 P.O.R
  • 3 x Dermapen Facial Treatments, valued at $335 each
  • 6 x LED sessions, valued at $70 ea
  • 3 x MG Serum Pro Serum, valued at $99 each
  • 3 x MG Serum Pro Serum $99 ea
  • 3 x Uber Pro Peel, valued at $49ea
  • 3 x Mini Peel sessions, valued at $125
  • $200 Credit towards DP Dermaceuticals
  • 10% off in additional skincare during your program
  • Dermapen Bronze Package. Save $145 P.O.R
  • 1 x Dermapen Signature Facial valued at $335 ea
  • 2 x LED sessions, valued at $70 ea
  • 1 x MG Serum Pro Serum $99 ea
  • 1 x Uber Pro Peel, valued at $49ea
  • 1 x Mini Peel sessions, valued at $125
  • $100 Credit towards DP Dermaceuticals
  • 10% off in additional skincare during your program
  • Dermapen Signature Facial $335

    Focusing on all age showing areas now including your neck, décolletage and of course your face as well as complimentary LLED PhotonSmart session valued at $69 as part of your treatment.

  • Dermapen Hands Age Correct Treatment $245

    Rejuvenate, eliminate age spots and help your hands look like a 20year old.

  • Dermapen Scar and Correct $245

    Up to 10cm x 5cm in size. Ideal for scars and stretch marks. This advanced skin treatment involves treating any non-Keloid scar in your body. This treatment protocol will provide excellent results that will be noticeable from, 1 to 2 sessions into the treatment plan. Please make a skin consultation to discuss.

  • Add on body part to a Dermapen Treatment from From $49
  • Add on Über MD or Pro peels to your skin needling treatment $49

    ÜBER PRO: Contains a specific blend of treatment actives to increase cellular turnover while addressing the signs of ageing, dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, melasma, milia and acne. Suitable for pigmentation, sun damage, anti-ageing and problematic skin and safe to use on any skin colour. ÜBER MD: This professional, medical strength peel is exclusively designed to enhance microneedling, atrophic scars, striae and deep wrinkle procedures safely for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1–4. Containing a specific blend of potent treatment actives, ÜBER MD delivers medium-depth coagulative necrosis in the depression point or target area.

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