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It’s Sweater Weather

Winter Promotions are here, let’s make the most of them and take advantage of the cold months and the minimal exposure to the sun. You and us together are going to be the dream team. Together with our clinical technology and your desire to achieve your best skin ever. Plus why not pamper you by letting us snuggle you and melt you away with our brand new Sielo Winter Seasonal Face and Body Spa Feels Treatment.


At Paulina’s we have incorporated Sielo’s delicious Body Butter, Body Exfoliant and their Dry Body brush as part of our retail skincare collection, but also as part of our Bran New Face and Body treatment, that we have created here at Paulina’s.

Sielo takes pride in using naturally derived, high-quality ingredients free from any harmful chemicals. All their products are entirely water-free, intentionally refrained from diluting their products with water or synthetic fillers. Instead, they have chosen to incorporate concentrated botanical ingredients to ensure you derive maximum benefits from your skincare routine. Are you ready to try Sielo?

Buy a package of 3, and take with you Sielo Body Butter or Body Exfoliant for free.

Initiating your experience with a lovely warm tea, sensory experience and heat packs. We are bringing back the Spa Feels that many of us crave, particularly during winter. We want warm touch, pampering, as well as our dead skin cells polished away, and to feel smooth, hydrated, and why not up high in the clouds.

Treatment includes legs, arms and belly dry body brush, delicious Sielo Back Exfoliation, and a whole body hydration with Sielo Body Butter. Once your body has totally Sielo melted away, we will move to your face performing a divine facial, including double cleanse, exfoliation, either enzyme peel or microdermabrasion, serum cocktail application and hydration to suit your skin needs.  

Note: Customisable for all skin types.  If you are allergic to almonds, or coconut, you can’t have this facial.

Buy 3 of the same or combine treatments to receive $150 towards any Skincare or Makeup of your choice. Treatment pack to be completed within a 4 month time. Choose from:

Laser Genesis Diamond Version $389

Dermapen Signature Facial Treatment $345

Cutera Global Face, Neck and Decolletage $389

Carbon Peel Laser Red Carpet Facial $275

This promotions was to good last season, that Winter wants it too. But we have added an extra $300 in give aways.

Wanting a Face lift without the knife, the filler or the botox. Book Scarlet Face treatment with Katie or Kristen this winter season, and receive Neck, Decolletage and your Belly totally free, saving over $600, plus 10% off in your Pre and Post Skin Kit products.

Keeping our Autumn promo rolling into winter because is too good too. Hair removal Plans sold under this promotion will have a maximum 12 months expiry. Save up to 40% off on each session.

Full legs, Brazilian and Underarms $165
Full Legs, Bikini and Underarms $145
Half legs, Brazilian and Underarms $125
Half legs, Bikini and Underarms $109
Full arms and Underarms $102
Half arm and Underarms $89
Lip and Chin $39
Chest and Stomach $102
Full back, neck and shoulders $149