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How a Salon Makeover Can Boost Your Self Esteem

It is a scientifically proven fact that the greatest cause of depression is lack of satisfaction in life. What a woman feels about her appearance is a critical determinant of what she feels about herself on the whole. This means that if she is unhappy about her appearance, her self-esteem is certain to be low. When a person is dissatisfied about anything, the only way to change their feeling on the topic is to make changes. This principle especially applies in matters of appearance. When a person feels unattractive, the best thing they can do change their appearance to help them feel better about themselves.

Makeovers help those who feel low in confidence to love themselves once again. Features like unwanted facial hair or dislike for one’s figure are likely to make the person develop a negative self-concept. When the features, the client was unhappy about have been remodeled to the client’s liking, their self-esteem should naturally bloom. Different people feel differently about different parts of their body. The services offered in salons during makeovers are intended to address that.

Planning and Executing a Makeover

A makeover takes planning. It requires the individual and the service providers to take time and see what would work best for the client. In the planning process, the individual who is getting the makeover takes time with the beautician to make a list of which of their features need to be flaunted and which ones need to be camouflaged. The process itself helps boost the person’s self-esteem even before the makeup itself. The following are some of the ways that this is achieved:

Getting information on what is good about their appearance from a beauty professional boosts the confidence of the client. Sometimes the person needing a makeover has lost their appearance due to a sickness. This means that such a person may not have had the time to plan and achieve something. When they are engaged with the planning, the process and then working alongside the beautician to see their confidence is boosted.

Having a makeover also makes the subject feel like they can accept complements. In addition to that, low self-esteem means that even if the subject receives genuine complements on anything, they feel unworthy of the complements. When the client has had a makeover, they usually feel that something is sufficiently different to allow them now accept the complements. Initially, they may be unsure of whether they deserve the complements or not. A period of accepting the complements builds enough confidence reserves in them to not only accept, but also feel that they deserve the complements. When a person is feeling confident, they are on their way to rebuilding their sense of self-worth.

One other way that a person is able to boost their self-esteem is by constantly reminding themselves of what they like about them. At times, this means writing a list of what they like about themselves. When a person’s sense of self-worth has been shredded due to deterioration of their appearance, they may not find anything to appreciate about themselves even with regard to other areas of their lives. A salon makeover is a good way of jump-starting them to start loving themselves again. They may write about their now smooth face or their moisturized hands, a manicure that reminds them of what they once liked about themselves.

Acquiring knowledge creates in the individual a feeling of growth. Having the impression that they are changing for the better, getting more knowledgeable and gaining the capacity to help others with the knowledge is a major confidence booster. People who go through a makeover also get to acquire a lot of knowledge concerning their health and factors that affect their appearance. After the makeover, they can also take classes that inform them on ways to maintain the appearance they receive. This information is a part of personal growth which boosts the self-concept of the individual receiving a makeover.

The whole process of getting a proper error free or perfect makeover ready involves a large number of people. All the people involved focus their attention to the subject making them feel important. Everyone likes to be the focus of attention from time to time. Beauty professionals are also good at people skills. Having their attention devoted to the subject for the duration of the planning period and the actual makeover is a great way of reassuring them that they are not worthless and that people can actually devote time to look after them.

According to psychologists, trying something new is another effective way of promoting self-esteem. A makeover usually does not happen every day. It entails a change in course as far as personal care is concerned. It is a new thing that opens up the subject’s frontiers of thought and generally rekindles interest in life. This way, the subject’s self-concept is improved and they are able to have a healthier view of themselves.

Having talked about how the process of preparing for the makeover positively affects the individual’s self-esteem, it is now time to focus on the specifics of a makeover. Each part of the body requires different treatment. The following are some of the body parts that are the target of a makeover and how they improve the self-confidence of an individual.

Hands and Feet

A person’s hands are one of the most visible body parts. When people meet, it is customary to shake hands. The appearance and texture of the hands in such a context is one of the most important parts of first impression. A person going for an interview with a bad manicure, cuticles all over the fingers, and hands that feel like gravel to the touch, is definitely likely to suffer from low self-esteem.

Hands also play an integral part in communication. People need to use gestures and to point out some things as a way of enhancing communication. If they have no confidence in the appearance of their hands, they are likely to be tongue tied even if they otherwise have substantial communication abilities.

Too much exposure to the sun without protection leads to breakdown of collagen. Collagen is the substance that keeps the skin firm. It means, therefore, that if there is less collagen than the body needs, the skin gets thin, showing the veins that run underneath it and the hand generally starts to appear skeletal. Reduction of naturally lubricating oils in the skin leads to dryness. This reduction is usually as a result of age.

The solution to this situation requires the hands to be treated with a massage cleanse. This way, all the dead skin that abides in the hand after the sun has reduced collagen is reduced. At Paulina, de Los Reyes, the skin hands are also exfoliated with macadamia seeds salt scrubs. Enzymatic hand peels and hydrating masks are also employed to give the hands their supple natural appearance.

To ensure that the sun does not ruin the hands again, the makeover comes to an end with the application of a sun block. All this treatment is cupped with a professional manicure that vastly improves the appearance of the hand. Nails are polished with a shade of color that best fits the subject, cuticles are removed, nails are trimmed and the hand and so on.

Over and above these traditional makeover treatments to the hands, the salon also offers the Dermapen treatment. Dermapen allows the practitioner to perform micro-needling on the subject to tighten the skin through collagen induction therapy.

Dermapen is effective and it is a major improvement from the more traditional rollers. The level of discomfort is very low and there is no bleeding involved. The service is highly recommended for people who want a tighter skin or to have their skin lifted within a short period of time. The treatment given to the hands is also good for the feet.

The end result of this makeover is a pair of hands that the subject wants to show off. They no longer have to shrink whenever they need to shake anyone’s hand or to gesticulate. For a person who had hands full of dead skin, and that look bony, this is a major boost to their self-esteem.

Hair Removal

Few things can be as devastating to a woman’s self-esteem as having excessive body hair. Women are generally expected to have smooth hair-free faces. Facial hair in women may be as a result of genetics or hormone changes. Having hair on the legs and the hands is also certainly a confidence killer in a woman. A woman who is visibly hairy in these parts of the body may tend to feel unattractive or even weird.

A person’s face is the greatest representation of themselves and if they are not confident about its appearance, they have no way of hiding it. Hands can be hidden but even in a video call, the face will always appear. Dealing with excessive hair, especially on the face is of particular importance to the individual.

To remedy this situation, hair removal should be a part of the makeover. There are different methods that can be used to remove excessive hair, they include waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal and many others. These services are all offered at Paulina de Los Reyes in Williamson, Melbourne.


This is a good option for a pregnant woman, a pain averse individual and also for a person who is seeking to permanently reduce growth of hair in unwanted parts of the body. Some women are allergic to wax and they are a prime candidate for his treatment. In sugaring, the hair follicle is filled with sugar. This ensures that the follicle is lubricated and removed from the skin by its roots. The fact that it pulls out hair in the direction of its growth means that it does not cause as much pain as waxing.

Sugaring is able to remove hairs when they are as short as 15mm long. At this length, hairs are still attached to blood supply. This means that when a hair is removed in this way, from the blood supply, it is unlikely to grow again.


Waxing requires that the hair be at least 30 mm long. This means that it is not attached to the blood supply at this juncture and it regrows. Growth typically happens between four and six weeks after waxing. Waxing can be painful depending on the amount and size of the hair being waxed. The surface area of the part of the skin being waxed is also a determinant.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Hair Removal

This hi-tech method removes hair from the skin depending on its photo type. It is recommended for use on the whole body except for the eyes. In the initial stages, treatment is necessary every four to six weeks. To achieve satisfactory results, one needs to have about eight of these sessions. Once the most desirable results have been achieved from these sessions, the subject needs only to have two maintenance sessions every year.

Eyes and Eyebrows

Eyes and eyebrows each have unique needs. An eyebrow makeover can rectify bushy and unkempt hair and give the face a more glamorous look. The services offered by the salon include eyebrow tinting and also tidying up the eye brows. Another eyebrow service offered is eyebrow shaping.

Feathering Stroke- Eyebrow Tattooing

This is a new technique in which a tattoo lines are drawn on the eyebrows in the same way that the subject’s eyebrows grow. The result is an appearance that closely mimics natural eyebrows. The implanted pigmentation in this case does not go as deep as a traditional tattoo.

This means that the eyebrow tattoo is not permanent. If it is not retouched after 12 months, it starts losing its appearance and the bearer can get rid of it that way. The length of the time required before a retouch may be influenced by the type of exposure the subject has at the time when they have these tattoos.

When excessive hair is finally managed, the person can then comfortably show themselves in public without feeling unattractive or unnatural. The unique position of eyes makes it necessary means that anyone who look at a person’s face sees their eyes. A person’s character and expression is judged by the look on their eyes which are often referred to as windows to the soul. Appearance of the eyebrows no longer has to have bearing on the subject’s appearance.


The importance of the face to a person’s appearance cannot be underestimated. Although the issue of reduction of excessive hair in a woman’s face has been addressed, there is still more that needs to be done in this regard. The most significant signs of ageing appear on the face. This leads to wrinkling and the face generally lacks the vibrancy of youthful appearance. Sometimes the change in appearance is simply as a result laxity in caring for the skin. Such laxity leads to accumulation of dead skin, loosening of the skin through loss of collagen and so on.

Whenever a person does not like what they see when they look at themselves in the mirror, their self-esteem takes a hit. The facials offered at Paulina de Los Reyes are organic. This means that the products used in the process are natural. The products do everything from exfoliation to the restoration of balance. The skin is also detoxified and hydrated.

Facials offered in this establishment usually go beyond the mechanical where dead cells are removed and pores opened. It also infuses important nutrients into the skin. A case in point is the Age Vita renewal treatment which restores the youthfulness of a skin through addition of high concentration of vitamin C and vitamin E. Both of these vitamins are important for the wellbeing of the skin.

There are different packaged designed for facials. Different types of treatments for facials are undertaken under these different packages. An example is the lactic organic peel which takes 50 minutes to complete while the luxe advanced signature organic facial takes 60 minutes. The cost of the service, however, does not depend on the length of time taken on a particular procedure. It depends on the nature of the treatment and also the nature of the products used. The Lactic Organic Peel which takes 50 minutes is more expensive than the Advanced Signature Organic Facial which takes 60 minutes. This trend cuts across the entire spectrum of services.


In many ways, makeup is the most basic aspect of getting a makeover. Many women have a makeup kit at home and a good number of them have perfected the art of doing it themselves. There is however an even bigger number of women without enough knowledge of the topic. Many such women buy makeup brands without real knowledge of how suitable they would be for them. Many of them yet do not know how to apply makeup yet they fail to consult a makeup artist for assistance. This results to many makeup faux pas which can be a huge setback for a woman seeking to take charge of their appearance and esteem.

Paulina de Los Reyes as an establishment appreciates the fact that it may not be possible to return to the salon every day a person wants to quickly put on makeup to go to work. It is for this reason that it offers classes to allow women to give themselves mini-makeovers whenever they need to. The women who enroll in these programs are equipped with skills on the modern trends in makeup.

The training is conducted by the in-house makeup artist. After going through this program, the trainee will be able to give themselves professional level makeups at the convenience of their homes. The level of skills attained in this training is such that a person who wants to be a professional makeup artist can learn and go ahead to excel in the field.

Makeup for special occasions such as weddings is another of Paulina de Los Reyes strong suites. The bride collaborates with the team to ensure that they receive the best design for their hair and makeup on their special day. A bride who knows she looks great is confident and there is nothing that speaks of beauty and hope like confidence. This makeup and hair package makes sure that the bride does not look unsure on the day she makes her big commitment.

Makeover Services for Men

There are many services offered to improve the self-esteem of women. The beauty industry has become unisex over time and men now also care how they look. They often draw their self-esteem from their appearance. Our beauticians now also offer the following salon services for men. They are designed to deal with challenges that face men such as pimples from shaving and excessive facial hair.

The diamond microdermabrasion helps in the rejuvenation of the face and also hydration of the area around the neck and shoulders. The end result is a man looking sharp without losing the masculinity that every man wants to have so as to build their self-esteem. The length of different facial packages ranges between 25-45 minutes in duration.

Men are also offered body scrubs and extractions that leave them feeling fresh and smooth. A man may also want to have a hair removed. Owing to their generally hairier bodies, waxing and other traditional hair removal methods are much more painful for men than for women. There other less painful alternatives that are now available for men. The best way to determine which treatment is most appropriate for an individual man is to make the decision in consultation with the professionals at the salon. Ultimately, after the subject has gone through the treatment, they are more confident of their looks and their self-esteem is boosted.


There are many reasons why a person may have low confidence in their appearance. A person’s looks may deteriorate as a result of age. Although ageing is inevitable it is usually difficult for many people to accept the consequences. White hair and protruding veins on arms can make a person feel undesirable and ineffective.

A makeover presents an opportunity for the people who have been beset with age to improve their appearance. In improving their appearance these people are able to improve their self-esteem. Sickness is another cause. If for example a person is recovering from cancer, their appearance can be expected to have been changed for the worse by medication. A makeover accentuates what is good about them and camouflages what they feel should be hidden.



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