How To Prepare For A Spray Tan For Best Results? 

A spray tan is one of the safest ways to achieve a sun-kissed glow, whether you’re trying to get a head start on summer or need to give pale skin a much-needed glow-up throughout the winter.

If you want to have a golden glow all year long, spray tans are the best. However, you should be prepared for your appointment before you dash to the salon.

Pay attention as we reveal top spray tan recommendations for dark skin tones, pale skin tones, and everything in between to guarantee you leave your spray tan session looking like the best-bronzed version of yourself.

In this blog, we’re going to tell you some tips about spray tan preparations and what to do before a spray tan.

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What Ingredients Are in a Spray Tan?

What makes your skin look tanner if the sun’s rays aren’t responsible?

According to Jules Von Hep, a famous spray tanner and co-founder of the self-tanning company Isle of Paradise, the primary ingredient in spray-tan formulations is DHA, which interacts with your amino acids to create the appearance of a tan.

It can be found in a variety of formats, including whole, skim, 1%, and organic.

How To Prep For A Spray Tan?

Following are some easy prep for a spray tan:

1. Know What To Anticipate

The first step for the spray tan prep is to know what to anticipate. You might become anxious when the spray nozzles turn on for the first time. But don’t worry!

So that you don’t end up looking like Ross, your tanning professional can guide you through the procedure. Furthermore, they will discuss your desired outcomes and advise on the best shade to use.

You should stick with a lighter hue if it’s your first time. You can then determine the appropriate shade going ahead.

In addition, the results of a spray tan often appear darker before you take a shower. So, if the initial shade is darker than you anticipated, don’t worry.

2. Fully Effective Hair Removal

All waxing must be finished at least 24 hours before using a self-tanner to guarantee smooth skin and calmed hair follicles. Shave, if necessary, at least four hours before your visit.

You should limit hair removal after getting a tan because it acts as an exfoliant and can hasten the fading of your tan if done too frequently. So, before getting a spray tan, altogether remove any unwanted hair.

3. Tips for Shave and Exfoliate Before a Tan

Because the particles in mineral oil are too big for your pores to absorb, they can layer on your skin and fade unevenly. Mineral oil-soaked areas won’t accept the solution; however, areas where it has worn off.

The largest organ in your body, your skin, expels toxins from the body through its pores. Mineral oil can obstruct this procedure, causing your skin to exfoliate (slough) unevenly, altering how a spray appears.

4. Remove Your Makeup And Lotion

While applying moisturizers and lotions can help your tan last longer in the days after your tanning session, they may prevent the bronzing spray from adequately absorbing into your skin. 

If you wear makeup on the day of your spray tan, take it off before you apply it for the most even tan possible.

Make only occasional use of deodorant. You wouldn’t believe how it might react with the spray and give your armpits a less-than-stellar green hue.

5. Take A Shower The Night Before

Showering the night before will guarantee that your skin is clean and prepared for your spray tan and exfoliating. A brief rinse before your spray tan can also be helpful if you tend to perspire more than usual.

To ensure that your tan lasts as long as possible and fades evenly when it does start to fade, you should apply tanning spray on clean, exfoliated skin.

6. Remain Loose And Comfortable

Keep in mind that you don’t need to dress to impress when you show up for your tan. Wear loose, comfortable clothing rather than tight clothing to prevent your tan from rubbing off. You don’t want to achieve a nice tan to discover that it was washed off too quickly.

Your tan needs time to grow. If you don’t want to spoil your favourite white shirt, wearing dark-coloured clothing is a good idea.

7. Bring A Towel To Cover Your Car Seat

Lastly, the bronzer applied with the tanning solution will give you an instant colour as you leave the studio. If not covered by clothing, this temporary bronzer will rub off.

Put a towel on the seat to shield the upholstery from bronzer if your post-tanning outfit exposes the back of your legs. Remember to take the same precautions at home to safeguard furnishings until your initial rinse.

Actions To Avoid To Longer Spray Tan’s Life

Till you’re prepared for a fresh spray tan, stay away from loofahs, hot tubs, chlorinated pools, lengthy hot showers, skincare containing retinal or brightening agents, towel rubbing, and exfoliating products.

Keep in mind that both your spray tan and our skin naturally shed between 5 to 10 days.


Can you get a spray tan soon after a shower?

It’s acceptable to shower the same day, but do it at least four hours before your appointment. After a warm shower or bath, your pores are more prominent, allowing the tanning solution to accumulate and produce dark-looking spots.

Can I shave two hours before getting a spray tan?

If you’ll shave before getting a spray tan, do it at least 24 hours beforehand. Four hours is the earliest you should shave before getting a tan, then finish your shower with a thorough cold rinse to close up your pores.

Does spray tanning work on legs with hair?

Despite appearances, it is possible to spray tan people with hairy bodies successfully. In fact, you ought to handle them like you would a customer with sparse or no body hair. To guarantee the finest outcomes, they only need to ensure appropriate exfoliation.

How should you use the bathroom after getting a spray tan?

When using a toilet after getting a spray tan, you might want to line the seat with some paper to prevent leaving a brown stain. This won’t affect your tan, but it will make the toilet look unappealing.

Summing Up

The actual procedure is relatively short and straightforward. Get as naked as you dare, put barrier cream on trouble spots, put on any safety gear you may have, such as goggles or a nose filter, and stand with your feet slightly apart in a relaxed position.

Your beautician will give you additional instructions, such as whether you need to turn or raise your arms, and will assist you in selecting the best shade for your complexion or desired results. After the session, they’ll wipe down your palms and other areas to eliminate any extra product.We hope you like our blog on how to prepare for a spray tan for best results! Now you can, Book your spray tan services in Williamstone



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