Hollywood Beauty Salon Review

The Hollywood Beauty Salon is a documentary that portrays the struggle and determination of those with mental illnesses. It portrays their struggles as they strive to fill their hearts with happiness. This film can help a lot of people understand how services that bring people together, can help those suffering from mental illness.

The salon documentary was directed by Philadelphia-based and award-winning documentarian Glenn Holsten. Throughout the film, he describes the life of all those involved with this interesting and unique beauty salon. This creative documentary opens the audiences’ eyes towards the limitless opportunities and possibilities in the world. Although challenges and troubles may fill lives with moments of darkness, the documentary inspires everyone to trust and believe in a better way. It also encourages viewers to change their situations by taking control. As the driver of your own life, you will get lots of motivation from this movie.


A charitable mental health program has been set up as part of the Germantown Recovery Community to support those afflicted by mental illnesses in Philadelphia. By providing them with a platform to change their nails, get a facial, have their legs waxed etc, the beauty salon proves to be the perfect spot for nurturing newer friendships and creating new ties, bringing the community together.With a totally original concept, this beauty salon invites those with special needs and offers them a fresh start in life. Although the beauty services are portrayed as one of the main reasons for bringing people together, the salon enables them to draw inspiration from one another by sharing their stories about their experiences. This in turn opens the eyes of many people towards faith and hope.

Rachel Carr Timms, is the manager and operator of the parlour. Through her idea and the salon comes encouragement and help to those dealing with mental illnesses as they try to forge ahead with their lives. The cheerful memories and happy moments of the salon staff and patrons are shown in this fascinating piece that engages viewers from start to finish.

The documentary provides a closer look into the valuable impact of the salon to both men and women who meet there; whether wanting to change their hair colour, get some waxing done, have a beauty facial, or even services like nails or mircodermabrasion. It all starts with preparations for the yearly hair recovery show. A one of a kind show, this celebration provides a platform for all the patrons to demonstrate their unique styles.

Their idea of involving costumes, music, glitter and glamour to celebrate the colours of life is totally exciting and interesting in many ways considering what these people have endured. Apart from this exercise being exciting, it generates positive energy that touches the viewers in a great way. The film is deeply insightful and depicts the lives of people struggling with mental illnesses in a excellent manner.

Every survivor is given an opportunity to share their trauma stories without criticism or judgement. In my view, this goes a long way into healing their hearts as their fellow patrons encourage them to forget about their painful past and focus on a better future. Happiness, love, trust and hope in the world is demonstrated when everyone tries to support one another through the fun medium that is the Hollywood Beauty Salon.

I think the Hollywood Beauty Salon documentary succeeds in sending a powerful message to the world, encouraging people to trust and believe in themselves. That’s one of the reasons why it was so highly rated by many viewers. If mental health patients refuse to give up despite going through tough times, why should you give up? I give this documentary 4.5 stars out of 5.



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