Men’s Facials Treatment

Men’s Facials Treatment​

For Men

Men have skin same as women, nurture and look after it, your skin is forever, and why not take the bonus of looking refreshed and younger. Check our facial options and choose the more appealing treatment to you. The Men section has been created exclusively for you to simplify your life and make your choices easier, however you can choose any of our treatments out of The Men section excluding hair removal services which you will find your The Men list below.

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Men Hair Removal


Our exclusive men facial and body treatments for men are designed specifically to deal with the common issues that men face when taking care of their skin. We’ll have you feeling and looking fresh in no time! We also offer a variety of men’s hair removal treatments to help you keep yourself looking clean and sharp. If you’ve never stepped out of a salon after getting a facial, you’ve been missing out on quite the sensation. A men’s facial is something that every man should get. You will look at the mirror and find yourself marveling at how radiant and smooth your skin looks after a facial treatment. You will be awed by how easily the youthfulness of your complexion and your natural skin tone will be restored by undergoing a simple men’s facial. But why should men get a facial? Read about the benefits, types, cost and everything you need to know in our guide to men’s facials.

Men's Facial Treatment

Different Men’s Facial Treatments

There are different men’s facial treatments in Melbourne that men can select from. The choice of treatment depends on what you want. Most of the available men’s facials target skin sensitivity and dullness, roughened skin, acne, excessive sweating etc. Here are 5 different men’s facials to try.

Hydro Facial For Men

Hydro Facial Treatment

HydraFacial, also known as hydro facial, is one of the popular facial treatments in Melbourne today. It is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines skin cleaning, extraction, hydration and oxidant protection and exfoliation simultaneously. The result is clearer and more beautiful skin and with no discomfort. It’s non-invasive, non-irritating and soothing, making it one of the most popular facial treatments in the market. This skin care treatment for men is good for all skin types.

Microdermabrasion For Men


Microdermabrasion has become popular around the world because of its effectiveness in skin treatment. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that works on the tone and texture of the skin. During the procedure, tiny exfoliation crystals are sprayed on the skin, and a special machine is used to ‘sand’ them your skin. It is mostly used for age spots, brown spots, and dull spots. You can also select this skin care treatment for men if you want to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, enlarged pores, stretch marks or pox marks.


Focused on anti-aging? Tell your aesthetician and she will recommend the best facial for this skin goal. If you want to look younger, this is the facial treatment for you. The procedure is designed to slow the aging process, reduce wrinkles and brighten your skin. The anti-aging facial is used to achieve a youthful complexion. There are a number of techniques for anti-aging facial such as the use of vitamins-infused serums, collagen products such as face moisturizers for men among others that are used. If you want to win the war against wrinkles and other aging symptoms, this skin care for men is what you need.

Anti Ageing
Exfoliation For Men


Exfoliation removes dead cells on the skin tissue. Note that dead skin is sometimes responsible for acne and other skin conditions. By just removing the dead cells, you restore a healthy glow as well as the natural skin tone. Also, to look great, there are numerous benefits that men enjoy from exfoliation including increased blood circulation and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Facials for acne are not just popular with teenagers, but also men in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond. It’s great for spots, irritating skin, pimples, and acne patients. Before you think of visiting a dermatologist for your acne problems, visit a salon for this treatment first. The facial products used in salons contain antibacterial ingredients that kill bacteria causing acne. The procedure also gets rid of excess oil and dirt, which are two factors that promote acne condition. Tell your facialist about your skin issues and she will recommend a facial suitable for addressing acne.

Ance For Men