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Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a technique of hair removal that is rapidly gaining popularity around the globe. It is a procedure that allows controlled shaping through removing excess hair to achieve perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

What You Need to Know About Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is an ancient depilation technique with its roots in India and several other cultures practicing this type of hair removal treatment in the Middle East.

The Procedure

A cotton thread is twisted into a double strand by the aesthetician. The thread is used to glide through the skin across the eyebrow line, with the removal of excess hair happening as it does so.

The double-stranded thread has to secure a line of hair first before being pulled up quickly to pluck the hairs from the follicles. A nice pull leaves a cleaner finish that gives long-lasting results. The procedure has to be done correctly to produce a wonderfully neat and flawless hairline with perfect symmetry.

Common Uses

The primary aim of threading is to remove the hair between the eyebrows. It also functions in adding the shape and definition to the eyebrows create an arch and thereby improve the overall facial appearance. The procedure is popular for the removal of unwanted hair from the eyebrows but is also used for other facial as well as body hairs.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a natural technique that utilizes an antibacterial thread which is disposed of after single use.

Harmful chemicals or processed waxes are not used, making it a very hygienic procedure. Threading is a less painful process compared to other alternatives like waxing. In addition, it is very efficient since it only targets the individual hair ensuring that irritation is kept to a minimum, unlike waxing that’s usually rough on the skin’s top layer.

Threading is safe for people with sensitive skin or suffering from a skin condition such as acne. It gives defined results as it removes the smallest of the hairs from their follicles and can last for a month before new hair grows. It is also an economical procedure as only a cotton thread is used.

Cons of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading has limited availability as it is widely practiced in India and several other Middle East countries. It is yet to establish a firm grip in all the regions around the world.

The techniques involve the removal of hair from the follicles which can sometimes be painful. Moreover, there is a possibility of poor results if done by an inexperienced aesthetician.

You will also experience rosy skin for some time (redness), and so you might not want to go straight to a date after the procedure. Other side effects occurring during the process include uncontrollable random sneezing and eye-watering mostly due to the sensitivity.


Perfect results from the eyebrow threading technique entirely lie on correctly following the procedure by the aesthetician or by getting a professional eyebrow threading service. The recipient of eyebrow threading should expect some sensitivity and sometimes mild pain. It is all natural, and its popularity is rapidly growing away from its roots in India and Middle East cultures.



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