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The most advantageous gain of cosmetic tattooing is that there is little to no down time. Your new set of brows will be ready for a selfie immediately after your treatment. At Paulina’s we only use the best pigments to achieve gorgeous and natural hair stroke colour. 

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Brow feathering consultation

Brow shape, brow tinting, drawing of brow design and colour included.

Feather Brows or Microblading

Hair-like strokes individually placed into the epidermis. Results will give an optical illusion that delivers semi-permanent and natural looking hair strokes.

6 Weeks touch up - Perfecting Session
6-12 Weeks touch up
3 – 6 Months touch up
6 – 12 Months touch up
12 - 18 Months touch up
18 - 24 Months touch up
+24 Months touch up

We use the finest hypoallergenic pigments from Derma Bled containing no FD&Cs, Lead or coal tar derivatives. All materials used are 100% disposable and we strictly adhere to health and safety guidelines for proper and hygienic practices.


Microblading is a revolutionary eyebrow treatment that borrows heavily from eyebrow tattoo makeup. It is a form of tattoo brow where pigments strokes are planted under your skin with a handheld tool (known as a super pen) and not a machine – the handheld tool deposits pigment onto the skin. The pen contains a number of needles (about 12 to 15 needs) which only reaches the superficial layer of the skin hence giving you brows semi-permanent effects.

The procedure involves cutting the skin with fine brands to make incisions where the pigment is deposited.

When it comes to pain, you can expect to get some because of the incisions and the use of the needles. However, the pain is relative- some feel it more than others. Most people who have gone through the procedure compares it to a scratch. However, people with low pain tolerance can use the numbing cream which helps to alleviate discomfort while undergoing the micro blading. So compared to other treatments such as ombre brows, it is painful. It is also important to point out that the quality of the salon and the skill level of the technician could also make a difference.

Although eyebrow microblading offers a long time solution or “permanent makeup,” it does not last forever. It’s a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, and after some time, the colour of the brows will start fading. However, it can last up to two years if proper aftercare, including regular touch-ups, is adhered to. Experts recommend a touch-up to the colour and shape of the brows after every six months. With that, you will be able to stay ahead of the fading curve and improve your brow longevity.

There has been a lot of confusion between the three eyebrow treatments, but for the record, they are not the same. First, there is a very slight difference between microblading and feather eyebrows or what is referred to as microfeathering. In fact, most experts define microfeathering as a form of microblading. The main, and probably the only difference is that microblading eyebrows uses needles while feather eyebrows don’t. However, both treatments use fine blades to create tiny incisions where the pigments are deposited.

The main difference between eyebrow microfeathering and eyebrow microblading with ombre eyebrows is that the latter is less invasive. Ombre brow treatment does not involve the cutting of the skin or creating incisions around the brow area. That is why the ombre brows technique is the safest of the three eyebrow treatments.

Yes, you can make a combo with other eyebrow treatments in the industry. One of the best-known combos is the hybrid brows. The technique is a combination of microbladed hair strokes and the ombre powder fill. It is popular with people who are looking for natural-looking brows. The combination produces more defined and filled and less dramatic brows than the ombre brows. That is what makes them more natural. In some cases, you will find it being referred to as a ‘microblading & micropigmentation’ combination.

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It is unlikely that you will find a beauty procedure that is pain-free. Most of them have some degree of pain, but depending on the sensitivity of the skin. As mentioned above, feather stroke eyebrows is a form of micro blading. Therefore, it includes the cutting of the skin with fine blades to create incisions where the powder is placed. These incisions are the reason why people experience slight pain while undergoing the procedure. But most of the people who have gone through the procedure compare the pain to just a scratch- it’s not that painful.

However, for the people with sensitive skins or low pain tolerance, quality salons in Melbourne like Paulina de los Reyes have numbing cream for them. This is a special topical cream that is applied to the brow area to numb the skin cells. With this cream, pain is completely eliminated.

As mentioned above, the eyebrow feathering technique offers a long-time solution. Although they are taunted as permanent makeup unlike mascara, it does not mean they will last forever. One thing that you should always remember is that they are fake and plastic. With time, the colour will start fading, and that is when you will need to change the brows. However, they can last up to 2 years if you follow your technician’s aftercare instructions. The initials stages after feather stroke brows procedure are the most important. You need to get regular touch-up to the colour and shape of the brows after the first six weeks. Then another touch up 3-6 months and then between 6-12 twelve months. That is according to the Paulina de los Reyes salon. With that, you will manage to stay ahead of the fading curve and also improve your brow longevity.

To get the most of the various facial treatments in Melbourne, reputable salons like Paulina are designing combos from a number of treatments. For the feather eyebrows, they can be combined with to create what is referred to as the hybrid brows. It’s a procedure that combines the feathered brow and ombre powder fill techniques. The combo is increasingly becoming popular with ladies who are looking for a more natural looking brows. Combining the two procedures also produces more defined, filled and less dramatic eyebrows. However, you need an experience eyebrow embroidery salon in Melbourne.


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