Best Eyebrow Shape For You

Determining The Best Eyebrow Shape For You

The hottest new beauty trend today has everything to do with eyebrow shape. Everyone seems to want big, beautiful, fuller-looking eyebrows. The Guardian reports on how perfect eyebrows are now the obsession of this decade. With celebrities embracing the natural, thick eyebrow look, it’s no wonder that the popularity of eyebrow waxing and tinting has grown.

Before you sit down to start sculpting your own eyebrows, there are some things you should consider for eyebrows shape. The shape of your face is really important because different eyebrow shapes look much better on certain face shapes. You can improve your appearance just by changing the shape of your eyebrows.

Do your research and makes sure the shape you select will be the most flattering for your face shape.

Eyebrow Shape Guide

Here are three really important things you should remember about styling your eyebrows, no matter what style you go with.

  • Your eyebrow should always begin at the bridge of your nose. Hold a pen straight across your nose and your brow should start on the side of the pen that is on the opposite side of your nose. This is the easiest way to locate “the bridge” of your nose.
  • Your eyebrow should arch about two-thirds of the way out from the bridge of your nose. Do not center your arch or it will end up looking like it is shaped like a rainbow. That shape is not really flattering for anyone.
  • Do not cut your eyebrows so that they are too short.
  • The eyebrow should touch imaginary lines at the corners of the nose and eyes.
  • Tails that taper into crisp points are the best ones for lifting up the eyes.

Best Eyebrow Shapes For Every Face

Round Face

If your face is round then the best eyebrow shape for you to select is an angular one. This will help you look like your face has a lot more definition to it. When you make high sharp arches it gives your face the illusion that it has been pulled upwards rather than outwards and this is very flattering for round face shapes.

An application technique is to start at your arch and fill it in darker than the rest of your eyebrow. Try to extend it as high as possible without it looking unnatural. Groom your hairs so they point up, which elongates the face.

Long Face

If you have a long face you need to make sure you elongate the ends of your brows as well. This gives the face a more horizontal emphasis to help balance out your features. Your face will also appear more balanced if you utilize flat brow shapes. If you really want to play up your horizontal features you should try extending the tails of your brows in an east-west direction. Long faces also look nice with slightly extended brows because it draws attention away from the vertical span of your face.

If you have a long face and you like to extend your eyebrow tails beyond the corner of your eye, you can extend them even a little further than most other people can get away with, but don’t go overboard. Be careful not to drag it out too far or the eye will start to look droopy. In order to draw your eyes to your horizontal facial features, style your brows past the end of your eyes.

Heart-Shaped Face

The most important thing you can do if you have a heart shaped face is to keep your brows well groomed. You should make sure that you keep them on the thin side because you have a wide forehead and a narrow jaw. You can use tweezers on them to get the desired effect, but do not make them too thin. They should have a nice arch. Do not remove any hair from the topside of your brow, always remove it from the underside. This will help ensure that the tops of your arches stay in pristine condition. Avoid sporting a bold brow. Keeping your brows trimmed and meticulously groomed will be a challenge, but it will be worth the effort. Getting regular sessions of eyebrow waxing will help. Make sure your shape is always under control and never bushy. If you have sparse areas on your eyebrows, try not to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil because it will only draw attention to your forehead.

Oval Face

If you are lucky enough to have been born with an oval face then you lucked out. Oval faces can handle classic, balanced, perfect brows. There are no specific grooming rules to apply. Just be careful and work with the dimensions of your face.

Close-Set Eyes

If you have close-set eyes, the best eyebrow shape for you is one that is a long, wide arch that follows the course and length of your brow bone. You can extend your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil if you wanted to ensure greater precision. You should avoid any thin or sharp shapes. This will give the illusion of an arrow shape that points downwards and inwards which will be unflattering.

Wide-Set Eyes

If you happen to have wide-set eyes there are some eyebrow tricks you can use to help balance out your face even more. You need to begin filling your brows in further in towards your nose. This is to draw all your features in towards the centre of your face. A soft brow will work much better for you than a strong one will. You should try to focus more on grooming rather than plucking.

Diamond Face Shape

The challenge with a diamond face shape is that it is very angular and somewhat bony. It tends to be the widest at the temples. The goal is to soften the face by removing emphasis from the widest part. The best eyebrow shape to use to accomplish this is the curved brow. Curves soften the sharp angles of the face and give the appearance that the widest part of the face has been reduced at the temples.

Why Get Eyebrow Waxing?

Your eyebrows serve an important function. They accentuate your facial features and can help you emphasize the things you like about your face. They can also help you minimize the features you do not like as much. Learning your face shape and how to shape your eyebrows to best suit you is the first step to accomplishing a more confident you.

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