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Marco Peruzzo 
Cosmetic Nurse with 16 years of experience in Cosmetic Medicine Melbourne

Who is Marco Peruzzo and how can he help you?

Looks are not everything, but they are important to a lot of us, and we respect that. We are so proud and lucky to have Marco, a highly trained and highly experienced cosmetic nurse, as part of our team. He has helped countless people through safe and proper administration of cosmetic medicine in Melbourne.

Marco’s work is simply remarkable and the proof of that is that he usually is booked out with one to two months in advance. Marco believes in harmony and balance of facial features and love to educate his clients on what works best with their anatomy. He prides himself to offer a thorough consultation and service and never rush trough treatments, he likes to take his time to achieve the best possible results.

Marco Andrea Peruzzo

About Marco Andrea Peruzzo

Marco is originally from Italy and been living in Melbourne where he has been operating as a cosmetic Nurse over the last 16 years.

Highly experienced, internationally trained  for over 16 year both in England and Australia. He strives to improve his skills and knowledge through workshops, conferences, 1 to 1 training sessions and attending monthly events with internationally renowned practitioners.

He offers consultations for the treatment of lips, total face rejuvenation ,cheeks, jaw line and chin. I always aim to enhance or restore features naturally and improve skin texture and quality.

He also offers consultations for for the treatment of wrinkles: upper face and  lower face , neck as well as masseters for facial slimming and teeth grinding.

Other treatments available through an initial consultation for neck, decolatage and hands.

For more information about his work and price list HERE.

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If you want safe and effective cosmetic treatment in Melbourne, you will not go wrong by choosing Marco from AMP Cosmetic, working at Paulina de los Reyes Beauty Skin and Laser Clinic every Tuesday. if you are a new client of Marco please contact directly on  0493 111 669 or by email