Clinical Peels Treatments

Clinical Peels Treatments

From the perfect and most gentle to the greatest and most advanced skin peel options from O Cosmedics and G&M Neurocosmedics. With our range of 8 different peels our therapists are able to customise your treatment experience adjusting our product selection to treat all skin types and different skin conditions. We can help strengthen the most weak and compromised skin as well as challenging the toughest types, taking you to the next level every single time you visit us.

Radiance Clinical Peel / 45 minutes

Pineapple & Papaya Enzyme, suitable for all skin types, best for dull, devitalized, dry, dehydrated, clogged and congested skins. 

Youth Clinical Peel / 45 minutes

Triple action exfoliating peel, combining Gluconic, multifruit and Lactic acids, best for pigmented, textured, acneic, dehydrated and prematurely aged skins

Pomegranate Peel / 45 minutes

Entry level peel for even the most sensitive of skins to renew and boost hydration, hydrate, moisturise, repair and reduce inflammation.

Pumpkin Peel / 45 minutes

The best for sun and environmental damaged skins. Gentle yet effective and active.

Oxygenated Peel / 45 minutes

Instant renewal of skin cells to smooth and awaken your skin. Perfect for all skin types and the best peel to look sensational before a special event.

Bio-White Peel / 45 minutes

High strength Vitamin C and peptide peel, best for pigmented, devitalised, dull, congested and uneven skins.

Catalyst Retinol Peel / 45 minutes

Perfect Vitamin A peel. Promotes health, skin repair and correction. Suited for all skins following a retinol home product regime.

Alpha + Beta Peel / 45 minutes

The pigmentation killer, super active and resurfacing peel. Suited for skins looking for intense skin transformation and correction as well as skins following a Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C home product regime.

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Pro Dermal Peel Facials

Paulina de los Reyes Makeup Beauty Skin Clinic in Williamstown counts with 8 different types of peels and we assure you that your skin is going to be at its best. Hydrated, plump, glowing and looking much younger that ever.

Are you looking for a serious skin transformation? These scientifically proven peels contain the most potent, purest combination of medical grade ingredients while remaining paraben, petrochemical, non-animal tested, preservative and SLS-free. All O Cosmedics products need to be recommended by your skincare therapist. Results will be just around the corner. Each Pro-Dermal Facial is completed with our specialised O Cosmedics alginate masks.

Pomegranate – Strengthening Facial Peel

Promotes hydration, health, smooth and youthful skin whilst increasing and strengthening your skin barrier. This gentle yet effective peel is a must have as an ideal intro peel for the most inexperienced of skins. Ideal peel to be combined with multiple modalities like other peels and microdermabrasion treatments.

Pumpkin – Anti-Aging Perfection Facial Peel

For all skins concerned with ageing, pigmentation, sun damage and skin challenges. Pumpkin offers a POWERHOUSE of vitamins and nutrients with antioxidant benefits that target skin receptors to promote healthy skin cell turnover, resulting in age defying rejuvenation. The perfect blend of enzymes and fruit acids work to promote even skin tone, collagen production and elastin synthesis, skin health and cell optimisation.

Oxygen Enzyme – Super Pick-Me-Up Facial Peel

The perfect peel for all skin types. Fantastic for brides or before an event, your skin will be absolutely at its best with this peel. Awakes, renews and smooths even the most tired skins. Perfectly formulated with concentrated levels of natural fruit acids, papaya, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes. Infused with intense oxygenating and moisturising peptides to create perfection for all skin types leaving a beautiful calm even tone.

Bio White – Brightening Facial Peel

High strength vitamin C and peptide peel, especially for pigmented, uneven skin tone, dull and devitalised skins. Allows optimal whitening and lightening effect on the skin. Interrupts the pigment-making enzymes. Lifts away pigment already made, which is unevenly distributed in the epidermis. Smooths, brightens, blends the tone for an even clarity.

Vitamin A Timeless Peel – Retinol Facial Peel

The perfect Vitamin A/Retinol anti-aging peel, perfect for all skin types looking for skin health. Refreshes and renews aged damaged skin. This peel brings in an expert team of ingredients, who kick the fibroblasts into action. New fibres begin to be produced, resulting in firming, renewing, lifting, and even improving scar tissue. This Pro-Dermal facial can only be performed on skins used to retinol or Vitamin A resurfacing products.

Note: You have to be using 3 days a week at least .50% Retinol or Vitamin A serum or creams before trying this peel.

Alpha Beta – Transform and Correct Facial Peel

The Serious resurfacing peel, perfect for skins looking for intense skin correction and transformation. Decongest and resurfaces with a powerful duo of Alpha and Beta Hydroxys. Scar reduction and de-aging is inevitable. For experienced skin only.

Note: You have to be using 5 days a week at least Vitamin A or Retinol, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 or B5 serums or creams before trying this peel.

*Products, exfoliation system & peel choices are dependent upon individual’s skin condition and Skin Therapist’s choice.

When done right, facial peels can work wonders on some of the most frustrating complexion issues, from acne to uneven skin tone. At Paulina de los Reyes we pride ourselves with the amazing results we offer to our clients and facial peels have been a significant part of achieving these results.

How do peels work?

Face peels remove top layers of skin to exfoliate and expedite cell turnover. When new cells are formed, this creates a fresh and smooth new layer of skin.

What facial peels do for our skin?

Facial peels can improve skin texture, even skin tone, minimize fine lines, and clear up acne by unclogging pores. One problem they can’t fix, contrary to popular belief: scarring. Only lasers and skin needling can do that. Please visit our skin needling page for treatments and options.

How to choose a peel?

The best thing to do is to call and book a consultation. Your skin therapist will help you and guide you on choosing the best treatment facial peels your skin needs. Do you have any of the following skin concerns?

  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Ageing
  • Acne
  • Oily skin
  • Dryness
  • Congested skin and blackheads
  • Broken capillaries

If the answer is yes, Pro Dermal Planing at Paulina De Los Reyes Makeup Beauty Skin Clinic in Williamstown will help you bring back the best skin you will ever have.

Can I combine peels with other treatment modalities?

Of course you can, the options available these days are infinite. Incredible results have been shown when a peel is followed after a microdermabrasion facial as well as in combination with an Laser or IPL treatment for rejuvenation and pigmentation. Also, peels can be combined with skin needling or Dermapen treatments. Not neccesarily must these treatments be combined on the same day, sometimes it is best to have a few days or weeks in between treatments. Your skin therapist can make a treatment plan where microdermabrasion, peels, skin needling, Laser, IPL or LED treatments can be combined to offer you the absolute maximum results.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 9942 3878.


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